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London City Airport breaks records

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Page last updated: 10th Apr 2018 - 03:50 PM

London City Airport recently had its busiest week ever after the Docklands hub, traditionally a popular choice for business flyers, saw a significant rise in passengers using the airport for leisure trips, too.

Overall, 101,336 customers either took off or landed at London City’s facilities on a total of 1,525 flights during the week ending on the 25th of March. This is a 2% increase on the record set back in 2016.

London City Airport is owned by a consortium of international investors, including Alberta Investment Management Corporation & Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan and is about to undergo a $480 million redevelopment project which will be complete in 2022.

The airport, which has been operating for 31 years, has benefited from the strong performance of airlines such as British Airways and flybe. Popular destinations include Amsterdam, Edinburgh and Dublin.

Chief executive of the airport, Robert Sinclair, said that traditionally London City Airport was used by business professionals alike because of its close proximity to Canary Wharf, but now the focus has shifted more evenly towards leisure trips, too.

The airport was predicted to see around 55,000 travellers use the facilities over the Easter holiday weekend. Mr Sinclair claims that Brits were impressed by “industry-leading punctuality, ease of use and convenience.”

The recent high levels of passenger use have even been during a time where the airport was affected by adverse weather from the Beast of the East, as well as the discovery of an unexploded WW2 bomb in the Thames which caused flights to be cancelled.

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London City ban plastic straws

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Page last updated: 1st Mar 2018 - 11:40 AM

London City Airport has become the first UK airport to implement a ban on plastic straws in an attempt to reduce unneeded waste.

The airport announced the major change this month, after reportedly 100,000 straws a year were used in their food and drink outlets. London City claims that they plan to replace their original plastic straws with more useful biodegradable ones.

"We are pleased to see plastic straws depart from London City Airport, joining a range of waste management initiatives that we already implement as a zero landfill company," said Lewis Chenery, environmental compliance executive at London City Airport.
"Recent public interest in plastic waste has brought into sharp focus the issue, and we will be looking at new measures to further reduce our contribution, as we develop a new guide for our restaurants and retailers. We are also committed to increasing our recycling rate to 70 per cent by the end of this year."

Reducing plastic waste has always been a priority for mankind as it has such a damaging effect on the environment we live in. Since 1950, humans have created 8.3 billion metric tonnes of plastic waste. It is also estimated that there are 5 trillion pieces of microplastic in the sea, so it is easily understandable why reducing our usage is such a pressing issue.

Not only have the airport attempted to tackle straw usage, but they have also introduced free drinking water refills from all food and drink outlets in another attempt to reduce single-use plastic waste (excluding the airside Pret A Manger branch). The alteration to LCA’s policy has been fuelled by the government's plan to phase out available plastic by 2042, and now we are seeing many other corporations making the same move as London City Airport.

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Surf Air lands at London City Airport!

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Page last updated: 20th Dec 2017 - 10:30 AM

Less than an 8 minute walk from the London City Airport public entrance, the gateway to a new aviation concept is open.

The premise of “Surf Air”, a Californian private jet company, is to eradicate the busy nature of airports and crowds, and replace it with speedy boarding and exclusive flights.
Surf Air works on a subscription basis and is best suited to those who fly regularly. It allows you to join other elite-travellers for the price of £3,150 per month, entitling you to fly as often as you like on private jets across the US and Europe, while being able to book flights on the company's app which takes just 30 seconds.

To give you some idea of the exclusivity of the brand, each flight between London City and Zurich (which is the only route currently available from the UK) can take 8 passengers, while ticket holders are only permitted to hold two forward reservations at any one time.
Simon Talling-Smith, chief executive of Surf Air Europe, tackles that issue head-on: “We aim in our business model for five or six people on average. There are a small number of services which are full. But what is important to us is that our subscribers keep subscribing, and the inability to make bookings switches people off very quickly.
“So it’s more important to have availability than to fill every day.”

The news of the brand is especially important to the London City Airport team because Surf Air’s UK base has moved from Luton Airport to their site within the capital city.
Simon Tolling-Smith gave a breakdown of the costing of the Surf Air product, claiming that the typical passenger makes 1 return flight a week which works out at around £400 each way. Where he believes that Surf Air has the advantage is when British Airways typically charges £439 for a short-notice, one-way business-class flight from London City to Zurich, which would work out more expensive.

He also added “Surf Air gives them back more time to enjoy their lives instead of queuing and waiting around in airport terminals.”

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London City Airport Marmite amnesty

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Page last updated: 22nd Aug 2017 - 01:48 PM

'Marmite amnesty' takes place at London City airport

Your days of sneaking Marmite through London City Airport’s security processes are numbered! Recently at LCA, a “Marmite amnesty” has been declared, as the popular condiment is becoming confiscated from luggage more and more often at the London Airport.

But alas, there isn’t a total ban on the stuff, LCA will continue to spread the Marmite love by offering passengers a chance to swap any 100ml+ sized jars that they would otherwise attempt to take through security, for a travel friendly 70g miniature. The amnesty has already begun and will continue until Monday (31 July), but could resume, should the airport see positive results.

Can you believe that London City Airport claim that Marmite is the most frequently seized branded food product at their security facilities?!

They are using this amnesty to highlight prohibited items to passengers during one of the busiest periods of the year. The urge comes after a report addressing that 1 in 8 UK passengers are forced to remove a prohibited item from their hand luggage after it did not meet aviation or immigration rules.

Back to the Marmite though! Alternatively, you can purchase the new £1 style jars in Co-op, Poundworld, Poundland, Poundstretcher, Boots airport stores and Caledonian Foods across the UK. The best bit? It’s perfect size to fit in a lunchbox, handbag or more appropriately, the luggage you put in the hold!

Melanie Burnley, director of customer experience at London City Airport said; “With 4.5 million passengers travelling through our doors each year, we see all kinds of weird and wonderful restricted items, including Marmite,” She went on to say “The Marmite swap is a temporary but popular addition which means that whether you love it or hate it, you’ll still be able to get your Marmite fix.”

And don’t worry, food waste should be the yeast of your worries! The confiscated jars that don't pass security requirements are all donated by LCA to local charity Community Food Enterprise, for distribution to smaller charities in local communities.

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Chief Executive of London City Airport to step down

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Page last updated: 11th May 2017 - 12:59 PM

Declan Collier, Chief Executive has announced he will be stepping down from his role at London City Airport, after a 5 year period. Mr Collier has made it clear that he will remain in the position until a suitable successor is found, while assisting an international recruitment firm to find a replacement.

Mr Collier, who was appointed in March 2012, said: “It has been a privilege and a pleasure to have been part of the airport’s success story for more than five years.
“London City Airport is a great business and well placed to take advantage of future growth and new aircraft technologies as we embark on our City Airport development programme.

“We have a dedicated and talented team working at London City Airport and I’m very proud of the work we’ve done to build a successful and sustainable business focused on our customers and community.

“However, as we embark on the next phase of the airport’s development I feel it is the right time to transition to new leadership and I look forward to assisting the chairman to secure my successor and continuing to work with the leadership team until a new CEO starts.”
London City airport saw 4,538,813 passengers pass through its doors in 2016, which is almost 1 million more passengers than its figures in 2014. Much of this recent success can be attributed to Declan Collier and London City Airport’s first phase completion of a £19 million redevelopment to the departures terminals. Improvements include noticeable added space, new shopping opportunities and additional quiet areas. The airport’s busiest routes, both internationally and domestically include, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Dublin and Zürich.

Chairman Sir Terry Morgan added: “On behalf of the board I want to pay tribute to the tremendous contribution that Declan has made to London City Airport.
“Declan has been Chief Executive of London City Airport since March 2012 - a time that has seen significant growth at the airport, the successful sale of the business to a consortium of international investors and the securing of planning permission for a £350m development of the airport infrastructure.”

“Under Declan’s leadership, London City Airport has developed strong and wide ranging relationships across the aviation sector, with all levels of government- nationally, in London, and locally- and with our local communities.

“The airport has delivered significant growth in passenger numbers and earnings which in turn has stimulated economic activity across the local and London economy.”

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London City Airport opens new branch of Truman's brewery

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Page last updated: 30th Jan 2017 - 02:40 PM

Brick Lane Brews, part of the Truman brewery company, has opened in London City Airport.The new bar provides "a quintessentially East End London menu" with standout items such as artisan bagels, salt beef, muffins and fine coffee as well as of course, beer!

The new bar looks to provide an authentic East End experience with its vintage wrap-around horseshoe bar, classic tile décor and striking copper pipework. Another benefit of bringing Truman's brewery to the airport is ensuring passengers are able to enjoy food and drink which has been picked from carefully chosen partners, maximising quality and experience.

Simon Potts, Director of Non-Aero Revenue at London City Airport, said: “Brick Lane Brews offers a great selection that we know will appeal to our passengers, whether they’re looking for a caffeine kick before meetings abroad, or a classic Truman’s beer on their way home, it will be an authentic East London experience.

Tempted? The new facilities are located next to Gate 2B! Customers can find a great range of beer in a variety of cask, keg and bottles from their Hackney brewery.

Going back to the original Trumans, it has been a well recognised brewers across the world in the 19th century before closing down in 1989. Thankfully in 2010 the brand was re-energised with claims from the new team attempting to bring it "back to its former glory".

Truman's CEO, James Morgan said:

“Brick Lane Brews is our homage to the East End’s food and drink scene, our launch at London City Airport is just the beginning.”

“We are actively looking for more sites and are passionate about sharing the Brick Lane Brews experience with, not only London but the rest of the world and what better place to start that journey than at London City Airport.”

Meanwhile at the airport, London City revealed it had a record 4.5 million passengers last year, which is only expected to increase thanks to the planned £344 million redevelopment which begins this year. The work on the airport will allow 6.5 million passengers to use the facilities by 2025, while adding 29,000 extra flights each year.

The rejuvenation of the airport involves 7 new aircraft stands and terminal extension to seat increasing passenger numbers. At the moment, London City has 10 commercial airlines which fly to 50 destinations.

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London City crowned best regional airport

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Page last updated: 25th Nov 2016 - 11:20 AM

A huge congratulations to London City Airport as it has been named the best Regional Airport of the Year at the CAPA World Aviation Summit in Amsterdam. The category looked to cover a sample of airports that provide aviation services for up to 10 million passengers per year.

The airport, located a short distance east from Canary wharf, which boasts being the 5th busiest airport in the UK for passenger and airport movement, has seen increased in passenger numbers of 18% to 4.3 million from 2014-2015.
The organisers of the award have said they wanted to reward the the regional airport that has been the biggest standout strategically, and managed to establish itself as the most advanced in the aviation industry.

Peter Harbison, CAPA Executive Chairman said: “London City has overcome intensifying competition in the London area, as well as political obstacles. Despite these barriers it was one of the fastest growing UK airports in 2015 with a passenger growth rate three times the national average.”

Accepting the award, Declan Collier, CEO, London City Airport said: “This award is the icing on the cake of what has been a momentous year for London City Airport. In July, the Government granted planning permission for an expansion programme that will transform the airport, creating additional capacity for the London airspace system, welcoming a new generation of aircraft that will open up new destinations, and accommodating 6.5m passengers per year by 2025, up from 4.5m today. I thank CAPA for its recognition and look forward to building on the success of 2016 in the months and years to come.”

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London City Airport expansion gets green light from ministers

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Page last updated: 17th Aug 2016 - 04:34 PM

Permission from ministers means that the go ahead has been given for the £344m expansion to London City Airport. Extended terminals, new aircraft stands which will facilitate the arrival of new & more modern planes, plus more space for planes to taxi to and from the runway are all individual plans that the expansion includes.

1,600 jobs will be created thanks to the expansion and that doesn't even include the 500 jobs that will become available during the construction phase of the expansion. The formal green light was given by The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, the Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling, and the Communities Secretary, Sajid Javid.

Currently serving 4 million passengers a year, London City Airport which is close to Canary Warf in East London, will now be able to complete more flights to and from the airport at peak times, while bigger terminals will allow for more passengers. Javid claims local residents who are affected by the increase in air traffic would be offered a generous compensation reward.

Hammond said it was a vote of confidence in the resilience of the UK economy.
“Making it easier to visit and do business in the City of London will help drive forward our economy and further strengthen the city’s status as the world’s leading financial centre,” he said. A consortium of investors including Boreali and the Ontario Teachers’ pension fund purchased London City airport for around £2bn in February.

The transport links will also be rejuvenated thanks to the investment. An example of this is £2.6m being put aside for more trains and the Docklands Light Railway, as well as a bus and taxi scheme, and improvements to pedestrian and cycle routes.

Opposers claim that noise and pollution would be a massive concern while the investment is going on, and once complete, only leads to more noise from a higher rate of planes landing and taking off in inner north-east London.

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Canadian consortium buys London City airport for £2bn

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Page last updated: 26th Feb 2016 - 11:06 AM

London City Airport has officially been sold to a Canadian Consortium for a figure around £2bn. The Airport which is located in Docklands is used mainly by business executives and has been purchased by a consortium led by the Ontario Teachers pension fund and also Borealis who have both also invested in HS1 (High Speed 1).

This business couple were not the only bidders for the London based airport. The Chinese transport company HNA and another Canadian consortium were also in the race for the site, however, the airports price exceeded early expectations. The airport, which serves about 4 million passengers a year has seen tremendous levels of growth in the past 2 years. This is why it’s considered a shame for GIP (Global Infrastructure Partners) to let the airport go from its portfolio, which also includes Gatwick and Edinburgh, especially seeing as the airport was bought for a third of the price 10 years ago.

Unfortunately expansion plans costing around £200m aimed to doubled its passenger traffic by 2030, extending the terminal and airfield to allow 50% more flights has currently been rejected by mayor Boris Johnson. This was amplified by campaigners who aim to shut down operations of an expansion because of the noise pollution and disruption throughout north-east London.

The purchase of the airport could also be detrimental to the relationship with its biggest customer, British Airways. BA’s CEO Willie Walsh claimed that the £2bn purchase was “foolish” and suggested that the company was prepared to move should another company offer a larger landing charge to cover cost of it’s purchase. Walsh also said he could not see how any buyer could “recover or make any return on that investment unless they make significant increases in airport charges”. To put into perspective, Manchester Airport Group's recently purchased Stansted Airport which has more that 5 times the number of passengers, but was only purchased for £1.5bn. However this could be argued against as London City Airport is in close proximity to Canary Wharf and has an unparalleled location that investors may justifies airlines sustaining higher fares.

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Are you visiting the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Stadium this Autumn to catch some of the Rugby World Cup fixtures? If you’re an avid fan of any of the 8 teams playing here and are planning a visit to the new heart of East London, check out our travel information below, comparing the best way to get from the closest airport, London City.

The Fixtures to be held at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park will be;

23rd September - France v Romania
24th September - New Zealand v Namibia
4th October - Ireland v Italy
7th October - South Africa v USA

It’s pretty easy to get around London, with a vast network of travel options, including underground travel and the famous Black London Cabs (Cockney cabbie is not guaranteed, but makes the experience all the better)!

London City Airport Address:

London City Airport
Hartmann Road,
E16 2PX.

Distance to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Stadium:

7 miles, 20 mins

By Train

Step off the plane and onto the DLR train, it’s the quickest and easiest option! This service will get you direct to Stratford Station in 25 minutes for as little as £2.30 for a one way trip between Zones 1-3, off peak. If you plan on staying a little longer, Travelcards start from £38, and are valid Monday-Sunday.

By Bus

Bus Number 473 runs direct from the Airport, terminating at Stratford Station, the closest to the stadium. It is then a 10 minute stroll to the stadium. Total journey time will be around 1 hour from airport to stadium, traffic dependant. Please be aware that London Buses do not accept cash - you will need a contactless debit card, Oyster or Visitor Oyster Card.

By Taxi

An average price for a return journey comes in at £35. However this may be subject to change if there are any road closures, as these will be scheduled on match days. Roads surrounding the stadium with be closed between 17:00 and 00:30.

By Car

From £42, you can hire a car from the Airport for direct travel to the Stadium; and you’ll also have the freedom to travel further afield should that take your fancy.

Sat-Nav Postcode: E20 2ST
Leave the airport and follow signs for the A112 and then Abbot Road/B125
Follow this road to join the A12
After 6 miles, take a slight left onto Waterdean Road.
Parking is limited and is prices range from £1.50-£15, depending on length of stay. You can also park in Westfield Stratford City Shopping centre which is in close proximity.

By Coach

There are no coach services to the park.


If you are landing the day before your chosen match, staying to catch a few other matches or plan to extend your trip to sunny England afterwards, check out the latest hotels deals in and around London City Airport and make the most of your stay!

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