London city Airport announces a new art commission

Anne Hardy has started working on this new public art commission called Destination London. She was picked from a shortlist of artists from East London by the local committee, which includes London City Airport.

Destination London is part of a bigger project where the Line’s plans to create a public art walk from Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and the O2. The art commission will have a sequence of six images that will be made using the cameraless technique. These images will be produced from the natural foliage located around the airport, on the airfields, the original dockside, and the wild spaced around Bow Creek. She will also use exotic plant species that can be found in nearby urban gardens and allotments.

The aim of the project is to show the long history of London as a place of trade and travel by using the plants that have entered into the city for thousands of years.

art commission

Hardy says “The Thames connects us literally to past trade and the people who have travelled here over its surface. The surrounding landscape of tidal flows and post-industrial development forms a kind of archaeology in flux, which holds within it a parallel botanic universe of international plants. Many of these were brought here by people; for food and connection to home cultures, as well as for trade and botanic research”.

This art commission will be unveiled for all to see this summer. It will be located in the international arrivals corridor of London City Airport. Make sure you pop in and have a look if you can, we are sure it will be a beautiful display!

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