How to get your Marmite on the plane – London City Airport

Whether you love or hate it, a lot of people seem to be travelling with it!

Yes, Marmite has been revealed as the most confiscated branded food item (more so than Harrods jams and Lyle’s Golden Syrup) at London City Airport security.

The airport has seen a 50% increase in Marmite confiscations within the security process during the first 3 months of 2019 – increasing from 4 to 6 jars a day in that period! It’s clear that Brits can’t travel without it & if this trend continues, then London’s most central airport could see seizures of over 2,000 jars this year alone.

As a consequence of this, British Airways and Marmite have come together to create a limited-edition jar celebrating the airlines 100th anniversary.

Launching on May 1st, the centenary Marmite jar is conveniently sized to fit within the liquid allowance of 70g set by the airport and will be priced at £3, exclusively available to customers on board British Airways flights.

‘To coincide with the launch of the centenary jar of Marmite, London City Airport will be holding a Marmite amnesty at its security gates’

To compliment with the launch, London City Airport held an amnesty at the security gates on 30th April 2019 from 12-4pm which gave travellers a chance to swap oversized jars for the British Airways travel-friendly version.

‘With 4.8 million passengers travelling each year through London City Airport, it’s little surprise that Marmite is such a treasured item and demonstrates just how loyal Brits are to their favourite brands,’ said Ian Cowie, Director of Customer Operations at London City Airport.
‘Whether you love it or hate it, we’re looking forward to ensuring passengers can continue to get their Marmite fix. For any other liquids, pastes and gels over 100ml, it’s best to pack them safely in the hold.’

And what happens to all the confiscated jars we hear you ask? London City Airport has and will be donating all jars to local charity, Community Food Enterprise. Alternatively there is a ‘Mail and Fly’ service which allows passengers to post their confiscated items to a specific address.

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London City Airport Marmite

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