London City gets new Newquay route

Next month, business people and travellers from the south west of the country will be provided with a direct route to the very heart of London. A new service has just been announced by Air Southwest that will provide a route from Newquay to London City via Plymouth twice a day, and it is set to be launched on April 20.

The aim is to open up London’s financial areas to the south west, providing by far the quickest way of travelling to and from the heart of the capital (or vice versa) in a day.

The main aim is to provide a route for business travellers. Richard Gooding, the chief executive of London City Airport, said that the new route will provide an “obvious choice for the business traveller” because of the airport’s location near Canary Wharf and the easy connections throughout the south east.

The Dash 8-300 aircraft, which has room for 50 passengers, will leave Newquay at 7.45am and arrive in London at 9.30am, returning at 7.05pm. In the other direction, it will leave London City at 9.55am, arriving in Plymouth at 11.05am before heading on to Newquay.

And despite being for business passengers, the flight is not going to break the bank. The £29 tickets (each way) represent one of the cheapest ways to make the journey to London, and the 15-minute check-in time is great for people in a rush.

The managing director at Air Southwest, Peter Davies, said that the route would “revolutionise” travel between the south west and London.

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