Terminal investment will keep passengers moving

London City Airport is set for a multi-million pound makeover in 2010. Despite the global meltdown, officials at London’s biggest business airport clearly believe there’s a future in air travel from the heart of the English capital.

The terminal reconfiguration will be managed by Atkins Global, an engineering and design consultancy which has been responsible for several major infrastructure projects at City Airport.

The planned changes to the terminal building are partly in response to the shift towards online check-in. With business and leisure passengers now frequently checking in from their office PC or even their web-enabled mobile phone en-route to the airport, London City’s management team have identified the need for a new style of airport.

When the airport opened in 1987, e-tickets were still over a decade away. But these days there simply isn’t the need for the more traditional, girl-behind-a-counter approach!

Online check-in makes the whole experience of flying easier and more streamlined and the modifications at City Airport are in the same vein. The new terminal design will help to avoid bottlenecks and keep passengers moving through an airport keen to hold on to its reputation as one of London’s fastest.

Melanie Burnley, Director of Terminal Services, explained that they were "introducing additional security lanes to respond to the change in passenger behaviour". This involved more online check-ins and less need for traditional check-in desks. All in all she said that this would enable more passengers to go straight through to security upon arrival.

The facility already boasts of its "no-queues" policy, and claims that the average transit time for passengers going through security is just two minutes. It’s an impressive statistic compared with many of the London airports and customer satisfaction is clearly high on London City’s list of priorities.

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