Airport Parking at London City Airport

Below you’ll find all the details you need when it comes to parking at London City Airport. From pick ups and drop offs to valet parking, compare the available options to find parking to suit you.

Picking Up and Dropping Off passengers

Head to the dedicated Pick Up Zone to collect passengers but note that there is a 30 minute maximum stay. It’s quite pricey; 0-10 minutes will set you back £3.20, whilst 10-30 minutes a huge £7.50! Fingers crossed for no delays!

Short Stay parking

Since April 2018, there is no Short Stay Car Park. Instead, you are required to continue using the Main Car Park and pay the drive up cost for Short Stay parking (SS). The same car park can also be used for Long Stay (LS) and the cost of both is below. The postcode you’ll need for the car park is E16 2PB.
Duration SS Cost LS Cost
0-10 mins £3.20 N/A
10-30 mins £7.50 N/A
30mins-4hrs £23.00 N/A
4-8hrs £34.00 N/A
8-24hrs £53.00 N/A
2 days N/A £106.00
3 days N/A £159.00
4 days N/A £212.00
5 days N/A £265.00
6 days N/A £318.00
7 days N/A £371.00
8 days N/A £424.00
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Motorcycle Parking

Motorcycle parking is free of charge in the decated bays availabe underneath the DLR viaduct. These spaces are clearly signposted opposite the turning to the main terminal.

Disabled Parking

Dedicated Blue Badge bays are available in the Main Car Park, so be sure to book into one of those! Parking is free for up to 30 minutes.

Valet Car Parking

The London City Airport Valet Parking offers great savings on the cost of pre-booked Long Stay parking Leave your car for a set fee a day at the current rates:
Enjoy the luxury of Valet Parking
Duration Cost
1 day £42
2 days £69
3 days £99
4 days £89
5 days £75
6 days £79
7 days £84
8 days £88
9 days £99
10 days £110

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