Travel Money & Foreign Exchange – London City Airport Guide

Why use travel money?

Changing your travel money and obtaining the cheapest foreign currency exchange rates can be a bit of a hassle before you go on holiday. Many people just don’t realise how much difference there can be between the price you pay for the different methods of getting the best foreign exchange. It is important to remember that the later you leave organsing travel money, the more expensive it may be.

Bureau de Change at London City Airport

It is important to remember that exchange rates fluctuate, a rate that you get one day, may not be the same the next. Therefore it is important to organise your travel money when currency rates are favourable.
We have researched the different ways to collect travel money and found various options for people, depending on which method is best suited to you.

There are 2 main kiosks available at London City Airport for both competitive rates and professional service. You can find a kiosk either on the left as you enter the internal terminal entrance doors, or in the departure lounge as you exit security International Arrivals.

Bureau de Change outside London City Airport

If you’d prefer to purchase your travel money before arriving at the airport, we’d suggest heading to the Post Office. You are also able to use their high-street branches to collect cash, or use the home delivery option. To gain the best results we suggest you order online and pick up or have the cash delivered, rather than going to purchase the holiday cash in their branch.

Post Office

also provide a travel money card. The prepaid multi-currency plastic card allows you to; store up to 13 different currencies together at once, manage your cash online via the app and use it in 36 million locations in over 200 countries.

Travel money cards

These cards are essentially like a debit card which load with currency which can be which can be either in the one currency you are going to be needing, or can be in pounds which will then be converted to the relevant currency when used abroad.

Make sure your travel card is ordered with enough time to be delivered before you trip, it can be one of the cheapest ways to carry money while you’re away.

You will usually need to leave around 7 days for delivery of your card to your home to get the best rates, but you can sometimes purchase the cards from providers operating a bureau de change at your airport.