London City Airport Lounges

Perhaps you're jetting off for a business meeting. Maybe you and your other half are off on your long-awaited honeymoon or you're a nervous flier who just wants some quiet time before the flight. Regardless of your reason, booking into an airport lounge is a great way to prepare for a trip.

What airport lounges are there at London City Airport?

There are currently no airport lounges available at London City Airport.

Priority Pass

london city airport priority pass

Priority Pass is one of the world's largest airport lounge access programs. They have partnered up with lounges in more than 300 cities worldwide to bring you a little comfort and luxury to the beginning f your trip. With three tiers of membership available, you can take advantage of the facilities in over 1300 lounges worldwide.

Membership is primarily aimed at those who travel more frequently, but anyone can register to join. The class of your ticket or the airline you are flying with doesn't matter either as Priority Pass have partnered up with over 1300 lounges to give you the most access possible.

Visit Priority Pass to register for one of the below memberships!

Gatwick Airport Business Facilities - standard - priority pass
priority pass - standard plus
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